About Us

Early beginnings with LaMoor Beauty Supply

In 1977 MoRal Distributing co.,Inc. was formed to supply grocery stores, pharmacies and discount retail stores with ethnic hair and skin products in the Oklahoma City metropolitan area.
After the first three years of this operation, it was realized that the greater need that should be filled was to supply the hairstylist, barbers, schools and the retail public with these products. Therefore in 1980 LaMoor Beauty Supply grew out of MoRal Distributing.

LaMoor Beauty Supply Currently

Al and Marilyn Moore began to operate LaMoor Beauty at the first location at 1736 NE 23RD St. Here is where the COLD WAVE CURL was introduced to African Americans in Oklahoma on a large scale. Educational classes were held here and LaMoor’s was able to grow and offer the community more employment, and programs that benefited Northeast Oklahoma City.
In April of 2018 LaMoor’s moved to its current location at 2214 N. MLK Ave. Here, LaMoor Beauty Supply plans to continue to be a viable part of the northeast business community. 

Also, one of the reasons for the success of LaMoor’s is its ability to service and supply the Professional Hair Stylist, Designer Barbers and Salon Owners with Products that support their Entrepreneurial success throughout the State of Oklahoma, southern Kansas, north Texas and other surrounding areas.